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ADS-B Out (Automatic Dependant Surveillance – Broadcast) requires an aircraft to transmit its own GPS position via the Mode S transponder, regardless of whether the aircraft is being interrogated by a ground radar or by other aircraft’s TCAS. The GPS source must meet high accuracy and integrity requirements only available from a qualified WAAS GPS.

ADS-B is a fast approaching mandate. Using GPS technology, which is far more reliable than radar, ADS-B will allow air traffic control to safely reduce separation minimums.

By June 2020, business jets and turboprops will be required to transmit ADS-B to ground stations.

• ADS-B the future of air traffic control – changing the way the thechnology of the transponder works
• Designed to meet FAA requirements in 2020
• ADS-B In – coming in the future



ASG are the experts in: aircraft avionics repairs, avionics upgrades and complete glass cockpits. We install a full range of avionics like Garmin g1000, Garmin g500 and more.

Garmin avionics

ASG are an official Garmin Dealer. We can supply and install the full range of the Garmin avionics all VAT free. Read more about our Garmin services.

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Aspen Avionics

Complete installations and support from Aspen avionics dealers. Reliable solid-state sensors. Sharp, bright LCDs. Works with whatever’s in your panel. Read more about our Aspen services.


ASG – Complete installations and support from STEC avionics dealers and can cater for your every avionic requirement.



Whether it’s a radio with some static interference or a weather radar failure, we have the knowledge and experience to cover every repair and defect that might pop up on your aircraft.

  •  Direct links with manufacturers and repair shops, reducing downtimes and costs.
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  •  STEC, Garmin and Aspen Service Center.
  •  We don’t charge VAT

Avionics – Maintenance & Inspections

Scheduled aircraft maintenance avionic inspections available include:

  • CAA/EASA LAMP Radio Annual Inspections.
  • FAA FAR 91 Transponder and Altimeter Inspections.
  • Software Upgrades.
  • Database subscriptions and updates.
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Garmin’s G1000 Nxi integrated flight deck

ASG is pleased to announce that Garmin’s G1000 NXi integrated flight deck, successor to the ever-popular G1000® flight deck, is coming soon as a retrofit for WAAS-capable G1000 equipped Textron Aviation Piston Aircraft 172 R/S, (T) 182T, (T) 206H, G36 and G58 aircraft.

As part of the Garmin dealer network, ASG is able to accept orders for the G1000 NXi upgrade today with upgrade kits expected to begin shipping in August. To request a quotation for the kit and installation please email

We are the leading edge in avionic repairs, inspections and retrofits.

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