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ASG are the experts in aircraft avionics repairs, upgrades and complete glass cockpits.


ASG are an official Garmin Dealer. We can supply and install the full range of the Garmin avionics all VAT free. Read more about our Garmin services.


Complete installations and support from Aspen dealers, ASG. Reliable solid-state sensors. Sharp, bright LCDs. Works with whatever’s in your panel. Read more about our Aspen services.


ASG – Complete installations and support from STEC dealers and can cater for your every avionic requirement.


Technological advancements in avionics never seem to cease, especially in the past 10 years. Most aircraft owners now have a number of options in terms of upgrades to their instrument panels and varying budgets, it can be quite a daunting task figuring out which package is right for you. Whether it is a single radio upgrade, or you’re thinking about going to full glass cockpit, let ASG guide you through your options so you can determine which upgrade is best for your aircraft and the best for your budget.

We have completed a large number of avionics installations, ranging from single unit upgrades to complete glass cockpit installations. You can view a small portrait of our work in our Project Showcase.

ASG are Garmin, Aspen and S-TEC dealers and can cater for your every avionic requirement. Of course, the biggest bonus with completing your instrument panel upgrade with us is that we do not charge VAT… We can also provide you with custom instrument panels (depending on aircraft type) that can be designed on screen, so you can gain an understanding on how your aircraft instrument panel will look and feel well before you commit to choosing your package.

There are some great avionics manufacturers providing the latest and greatest in equipment and we are continuing to have great working relationships with these manufacturers, so we can provide you with post-installation support once your aircraft has rolled out, so you know how to drive your new units, rather than it driving you!


Whether it’s a radio with some static interference or a weather radar failure, we have the knowledge and experience to cover every repair and defect that might pop up on your aircraft.

  •  Direct links with manufacturers and repair shops, reducing downtimes and costs.
  • Get one of our engineers to troubleshoot and determine the root cause of the problem, and then receive a free quotation so you know exactly what the costs are going to be, up front and honest.
  •  Complete manufacturer support. Whether you have a Bendix KX155 or Garmin G600, we have it covered.
  •  STEC, Garmin and Aspen Service Center.
  •  We don’t charge VAT

Avionics Inspections

Our aircraft would be useless if our instrument panel is faulty. We can provide a number of scheduled aircraft maintenance avionic inspections.

  • CAA/EASA LAMP Radio Annual Inspections.
  • FAA FAR 91 Transponder and Altimeter Inspections.
  • Software Upgrades.
  • Database subscriptions and updates.
Newly installed glass cockpit
Aircraft glass cockpit

Are you Mode ‘S’ compliant?

Within the next few years, airfields around the world will be upgrading their facilities to Mode ‘S’ transponder interrogation. A large number of general aviation aircraft are only Mode ‘C’ compliant. This is mainly aircraft with older transponders. There are some budget friendly upgrades available. Contact us to find out more

We are the leading edge in avionic repairs, inspections and retrofits.

Contact us right now and you will talk directly to our Engineers and Flight Support team.

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