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Complete Care For Your Cirrus – No Matter What Support Is Needed



Authorised Service

Pre-Purchase Inspections

Registration Changes


Our Cirrus Services

SR20, SR22 and SF50 Vision Jet Maintenance, all Variants and Generations, Warranty and non-Warranty aircraft with FAA A&P IA engineers.
ASG is ready to care for your Cirrus.


Annual and hourly inspections. Troubleshooting, Discrepancy Diagnosis and Correction.


Routine inspections, balancing and overhauls in house or with trusted partners.


Over the counter genuine Cirrus aircraft parts sales, Cirrus Aircraft Parts distributor.


Recommended or mandatory SB compliance.


Cirrus Parachute Overhaul/ replacement, full Cirrus CAPS repack and rocket replacement.


Service for SR20 engine (IO-360-ES), SR22 engine (IO-550-N), and SR22T engine (TSIO-550-K).


Inspections, troubleshooting, installations, and Cirrus Avionics upgrades –Garmin and Avidyne.


Full Cirrus maintenance and avionics warranty service, rectification and claim processing.


EASA Maintenance Organisation Approval EASA.145.0126, UK CAA approved (CAMO) UK.MG.0483 and FAA A&P IAs on staff.


Log book management, maintenance tracking, C of A / ARC Recommendations and Renewal, Independent Airworthiness Reviews.

Authorised Service

Approved by Cirrus, Garmin and Avidyne for service, support and warranty work.

Pre-Purchase Inspections

Survey of your prospective SR20 / SR22 / SR22T aircraft, documentation reviews and compliance assessments.

Registration Changes

Change of ownership and / or change of registration under EASA, FAA, 2-Reg and other Authorities.


Equipped to handle remote unscheduled needs, complete diagnostic support, rectification and on site assistance at the aircraft’s location.

Cirrus Pick-up and Delivery Service

Arrange your next Cirrus annual, CAPS or avionics upgrade with ASG and experience the convenience of our new Pick-up and Delivery Service (C-PUDS) designed to simplify positioning your Cirrus aircraft to and from maintenance.

For further information on this service see our latest news or contact our team.

Why choose asg?

ASG has been maintaining the utmost attention to safety and the protection of its customers’ aircraft since 1990. With Cirrus factory trained engineers with combined 15+ years SR series experience and full access and support from Cirrus Field Service Engineers and Distributor offices – ASG has the capability and efficiency to maintain your Cirrus Aircraft, provide excellent care, exceptional value and assured turnaround times, all VAT Free.

Our Cirrus Upgrades

Cirrus Direct™ brings the most advanced safety, convenience and technology upgrades available directly to Cirrus owners. ASG can ensure your Cirrus aircraft is equipped to impress both pilot and passengers with the robust catalogue of enhancements available.

Comfort & Convenience

Enhance your Cirrus with conveniences including USB power ports, cabin and engine pre-heaters and more.

Tyres, Wheels & Brakes

Ensure all of your takeoffs and landings are smooth with tubeless tires, high-performance brakes and strength and weight-optimized wheels.

Cirrus Avionics

Increase situational awareness, reliability and safety with an all-digital avionics panel with the most technologically advanced instrumentation available at your fingertips.

Cirrus Powerplant

Continental powerplant upgrades deliver
factory new engines designed to reduce
operating and maintenance costs and increase your aircraft’s value.

Cirrus Lighting

Improve the safety of day and night operations, upgrade landing and wingtip lights with the most advanced and brightest lighting systems available.

Fuel System

Enhance all aspects of the fuel system. From easy to read, digital gauges to electronic fuel senders, ensure accuracy of fuel quantity.

ASG is trusted.

“ASG is one of a few approved Cirrus CAPS locations in Europe. I shopped around for my SR22 parachute service, their Cirrus parachute repack cost and downtime was very competitive but with the advantage of no VAT charged on any services they perform.”

“I chose ASG to support my step into Cirrus aircraft ownership. They took care of everything for me, from the pre-purchase inspection to every aspect of taking the aircraft from N to 2-Reg. It was great experience and I return to Guernsey for my aircraft’s maintenance needs.”

SR 22 owner

"ASG is one of a few approved CAPS locations in Europe. I shopped around for my CAPS service, their quoted price and downtime was very competitive but with the advantage of no VAT charged on any services they perform."

SR 20 owner

"ASG is in my view the most experienced Cirrus maintenance company in Europe. No wonder there are so many SR aircraft in the hangar each time I visit."

SR 22 owner

"I’ve had my Cirrus maintained by ASG for the past 4 years, since it was new and I’m always impressed with their detailed knowledge of the aircraft."

SR 22 owner


Complete Care For Your Cirrus – No Matter What Support Is Needed

ESP by Garmin

Electronic Stability & Protection (ESP) is an innovative technology that address both “prevention” and “recovery”.

60/40 Flexseating

Now Seating 5 Innovative 60/40 FlexSeating gives Cirrus owners a whole new lever of utility and versatility.

Cirrus Global Connect

Giving you an unparalleled communication technology at your fingertips.


Starting in 2016, Bluetooth audio connectivity was added to the standard aircraft audio panel.

Perspective Touch by Garmin

Intelligent. Effortless. Refined. Perspective Touch is raising the standards.

Enhanced Vision System

Cirrus EVS – based on infrared technology – a picture is worth a thousand symbols.

Known Ice Protection

Early generation Cirrus SR22 aircraft are available with basic ice protection.

Smart Safety

Your safety has been in the forethought of everything we’ve ever done at Cirrus.


Cirrus owners already have an unparalleled appreciation for quality and performance.

“The plane with the parachute”

Safety is in the forethought of everything Cirrus does. Learn more about the Cirrus Airframe Parachute System – history, interesting statistics, best practices and even the Cirrus CAPS deployment procedure.

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