ASG is a highly experienced provider of maintenance services to General Aviation aircraft and regularly supports engine inspection requirements on most GA aircraft types, in addition to providing routine & unscheduled maintenance, AOG assistance, pre-purchase inspections and complex avionics installations.

Our specialist engineers can carry out engine inspections in accordance with your aircraft maintenance programme or as determined by the manufacturers recommended schedule of inspections.

ASG will begin your aircraft’s engine service by undertaking a ground run to check engine settings.

The engine inspection then involves removing all cowlings in order to conduct an overall health check including compressions and timing. The spark plugs and ancillary equipment are removed so a thorough physical survey can be conducted to check every detail including cylinders, valves, ignition and exhaust systems.

Component parts such as magnetos, fuel boost pumps, propeller governors will also be removed and overhauled if they are required by the maintenance programme.

We provide a comprehensive report on findings so owners are fully aware of the status of their engine.

Before any work to rectify defects is completed, you will receive a costed estimate and any repairs will be agreed in advance.

Should your engine be due an overhaul, our team have performed many engine removal and refits, working with engine suppliers to find the most cost effective overhaul or replacement overhauled engine solution for you.
Any engine related Service Bulletins and/or Airworthiness Directives will also be complied with as directed by the operator.

Please contact our engineering team at [email protected] to find out more about our engine servicing and full range of maintenance services for GA aircraft at ASG.