9th January 2019 saw the last of the fleet of Serco operated King Air B200 aircraft leave Guernsey, this one to a new home in the USA. This departure marked the end of a project that commenced late 2017 and spanned the complete spectrum of ASG’s capabilities and expertise.

Matt Wakefield, Serco’s Project Manager provided the following comments:

“It is fair to say that the project grew exponentially from the initial engagement in late 2017. What started out as a simple brokerage arrangement for a few aircraft resulted in a complex project covering a multitude of activities; including Care and Maintenance, CAMP enrolment, engine overhaul and swap programmes, flight testing, detailed maintenance programmes and de-modification packages to return the aircraft to civilian standards to name but few.

We at Serco are extremely grateful for the professionalism, tenaciousness and dedication by all personnel at ASG that enabled us to successfully sell all aircraft in such a timely manner.”