ASG is delighted to announce the launch of a new Cirrus Pick-up and Delivery Service (C-PUDS) designed to simplify the positioning of Cirrus aircraft to and from maintenance.

Cirrus trained pilots will fly from Guernsey to the aircraft’s home base and perform a pre-flight check before flying the aircraft back in tandem to ASG’s facility. The process works in reverse when the maintenance is completed.

For convenience, either Pickup, Delivery or the complete C-PUDS service is offered.

Insurance arrangements to cover the ferry pilot will be required. The price depends on the flying time from Guernsey to the home base and includes ferry pilots and the use of their aircraft.  Fuel and landing fees for the collected aircraft will be the owner’s responsibility.

Adam Lunn, Service Manager said ‘’I am very pleased to be able to offer this new service.  It is a great opportunity to have your Cirrus Annual, CAPS or avionics upgrade completed at ASG even if you cannot spare the time to fly here yourself.  It is also an innovative solution whilst travel restrictions for visitors to Guernsey remain’’.

For more details don’t hesitate to contact [email protected] and remember to ask if we have any C-PUDS incentives running.

Whilst COVID-19 restrictions are in place, all arrangements and flights will be in accordance with States of Guernsey and UK Government requirements.