Notwithstanding COVID-19, ASG has had a number of aircraft flying in and out on the same day for short term maintenance or minor defect rectification through the Summer.

Pilots and crew can visit without going into quarantine provided they remain airside and meet strict separation rules.

Guernsey self-isolation restrictions in place for visitors mean our executive pilots lounge is not accessible by pilots coming in for the day so they must wait outside.

As Autumn and Winter weather will preclude waiting in the open air, ASG has installed a crew room airside to provide a warm, comfortable waiting area with WiFi and drinks facilities.

Adam Lunn, ASG’s Service Manager said “Whilst waiting outside was viable in the warm summer months, we cannot expect customers to come for a 50 hr check or defect rectification and stay outside in winter conditions.

Therefore we decided to provide a crew room that will still allow us to support our customers short term maintenance requirements while the pilots wait in a comfortable area.  I hope that this will prove popular and look forward to welcoming more aircraft to ASG for our “maintain while you wait ”service’’.

Our engineering team is available to assist with maintenance requirements, please contact [email protected] to discuss support options.