Aircraft Aquisition

Our extensive experience and knowledge of the industry can simplify and guide you through an acquisition. 

From initial instruction, through to handover you can trust us to handle and complete the transaction, please contact our colleagues at Pula Aviation Services Limited about this service by contacting Jasmine Sohanta at [email protected] or by visiting our aircraft acquisition page .

With our skills and industry expertise we can greatly simplify and guide you through an acquisition. Our extensive experience, knowledge of the industry and awareness of the latest market trends enable us to deliver an unrivalled end-to-end service, ensuring an effortless buying experience.

We start the process by establishing your exact aircraft and usage requirements and defining a needs assessment. How will the aircraft be used? By whom? When? Where? How frequently? We listen carefully to you and your team to understand desires and requirements. Only after we clearly understand what is important to you will we make a series of aircraft recommendations that best suit your budget and/or travel needs.

Throughout the aircraft selection and acquisition process we act solely on behalf of our customers as their exclusive agent. Our objective is to present detailed, unbiased and accurate information that will allow a fully-informed decision regarding an aircraft acquisition.

Once the type of aircraft that will fulfil your requirements has been determined, we will take care of everything on your behalf to ensure a smooth and hassle-free acquisition including contractual negotiations, the all-important survey and necessary regulatory procedures to satisfy the various stakeholders involved in the transaction.

In addition, we can also provide or arrange expert, impartial advice and guidance on all aspects of private aircraft ownership such as financing, insurance, operation, management and training, as well as regulatory compliance.

From initial instruction through to handover you can trust us to handle and complete the transaction.