Take a look at what our customers have to say. By these means we would also like to thank everybody for their kind words.

On behalf of Serco I want to extend huge thank you for all the hard work that you and the team at ASG have collectively put into supporting Serco to achieve the colossal objective of selling 7 King Air aircraft.

It is fair to say that the project grew exponentially from the initial engagement in late 2017. What started out as a simple brokerage arrangement for a few aircraft resulted in a complex project covering a of activities; including Care and Maintenance, CAMP enrolment, engine overhaul and swap programmes, flight testing, detailed maintenance programmes and de-modification packages to return the aircraft to civilian standards to name but few.

Within Serco everything we do is guided by set values and behaviours, throughout this project we have felt that the collaboration with ASG has epitomised our values.

TRUST – A professional and transparent approach was evident from the outset and reaffirmed during our due diligence checks at your impressive facilities. The positive behaviours portrayed by all gave us confidence that ASG would be a trusted partner to deliver against our requirements. This trust was fully realised throughout numerous occasions as the project developed.

CARE – The positive feedback received from the buyers on the standard of the aircraft and supporting arrangements at the point of delivery is clear recognition of the care taken by the whole ASG enterprise in ensuring the delivery of a quality product.

INNOVATION – The approach taken to overcome numerous obstacles, such as identifying suitable hangarage for 7 aircraft at short notice, storage for the aircraft documentation set and interior kits, management of the complex engine overhaul and swap programme, are all examples of the innovative approaches taken to enable key milestones of the project to be achieved.

PRIDE – It has been transparently clear that the success of this collective project has relied upon the ASG team frequently working extensive hours, often over weekends and at short notice to overcome complex faults or last-minute delivery alterations. It was evident throughout that there was a sense of pride and buy in by all members at ASG to ensure that the project was successful.

We at Serco are extremely grateful for the professionalism, tenaciousness and dedication by all personnel at ASG that enabled us to successfully sell all aircraft in such a timely manner and we look forward to potentially collaborating further in the future.

Yours Sincerely,
Matthew Wakefield


Take a look at what our customers have to say. By these means we would also like to thank everybody for their kind words.



Image of testimonial 5 rating - Fly ASG.

I’ve had my Cirrus maintained by ASG for the past 4 years, since it was new and I’m always impressed with their detailed knowledge of the aircraft and it’s systems.

ASG have really looked after me and my aircraft, which still looks as fresh as when it was built.



ASG are easily the most experienced Commander maintenance company outside the USA. No wonder there are so many Commanders in their hangars when I visit them for maintenance – I simply would not trust anyone else with my aircraft, having used them for the last 5 annual inspections.



I flew my Cirrus from Europe to ASG in Guernsey to have the caps replaced because they have a good reputation for fast, efficient service. I was not disappointed as they completed the work in 2 days at a fixed price that I was very happy with.



I always choose ASG for handling in Guernsey, because they are very friendly, it feels like I’m coming home! Nothing is too much trouble and on the odd occasion my aircraft has maintenance issues whilst I’m there, the engineers are very quick to sort things out and get me on my way. Bravo ASG!