Engine Overhauls/Repair

Is your engine coming up on TBO?  We have fitted hundreds of new, factory reconditioned and re-engineered aircraft engines and have exclusive deals with a number of UK/USA engine shops and factory outlets.

Whatever your preference, we can help with quick turn around, overhaul of your existing unit or a one week direct swap for a factory or exchange unit all at VAT free rates.

To receive a free estimate, send your details to:


Propeller Overhauls/Repair

We have direct links to a number of great Propeller Overhaul shops. We can have your propeller and get it into the overhaul shop in a couple of days, all VAT free.

We then can provide you detailed estimates of the work required straight from the shop, so you know exactly how your Prop is looking.

If your prop is due, get in contact and let us provide you with an estimate, free of charge.

Drop us an email at for a free estimate.