Propeller and engine repair

Exclusive deals with propeller overhaul shops and UK/USA engine shops and factory outlets.

Engine overhauls/repair

Is your engine coming up on TBO? We have fitted hundreds of new, factory reconditioned and re-engineered aircraft engines and have exclusive deals with a number of UK/USA engine shops and factory outlets.

Whatever your preference, we can help with quick turnaround, overhaul of your existing unit or a one week direct swap for a factory or exchange unit all at VAT free rates.

Pratt and Whitney Canada PT6A

Fuel nozzle inspections

Same day turn around possible if pre-booked and dependent on type.

Hot Section Inspections

ASG can inspect and certify Hot Section Inspections on M, N & 2 registered aircraft. Any rework other than component replacement will be outsourced to our preferred partner providers. For EASA registered aircraft we work with our preferred partners for the inspection.

For EASA registered aircraft we work with our preffered partners for the inspection.


(Dependent on type and where A/C is registered)

Fuel nozzle inspections

Same day turn around possible if pre-booked and dependent on type.

Engine overhauls

Overhauls completed using preferred partnee shops.

Rental engines

Competitive prices when combined with Overhaul and Repair.

Propeller Overhauls/Repair

ASG have direct links to several Propeller Overhaul shops that we use regularly for fast overhauls and repairs, all VAT free.

We can provide you with detailed estimates of the work required straight from the shop, so you know exactly how your Prop is looking. AOG support is available and the opportunity to occasionally loan propellers, subject to availability.

If your propeller is due for maintenance, get in contact and let us provide you with an estimate, free of charge.


Drop us an email at [email protected] for a free estimate.

The difference between overhaul, factory rebuilt and new engines:

Overhaul replaces parts in your original engine and returns it to service which means it has been through the process of maintaining and restoring equipment, machines or systems to a serviceable condition. This is normally completed at an authorised engine overhaul shop in the UK. A factory overhauled engine is dismantled and reassembled at the OEM facility and is released to service to a factory standard with zero time and is not the same engine that was removed.

Rebuilt describes an engine that has been reassembled using parts that are new or within wear limits of a new part. The old engine is dismantled, parts measured, and if they measure to the tolerance of a new part, they are re-used. Only an engine manufacturer can ‘rebuild’ an engine and this is only applicable to piston engines, not turbines.

A new engine is built by the manufacturer from completely new parts. The prices of the options vary widely with the least expensive being the overhaul. However, there are advantages of a factory overhaul or new engine; principally, the reduction in downtime because the replacement engine can be ordered and delivered in advance meaning you do not have to wait for the old engine to be removed and overhauled.

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