ASG is pleased to announce base maintenance approval for the Dassault Falcon 900LX at Centreline’s CSAT operating base of RAF Northolt, following the successful addition of the type to its UK CAA Part 145 scope. This addition ensures all maintenance can be carried out “in-house” by the team at Northolt.

ASG’s sister company, Centreline, operates the Falcon 900LX under a contract with the Ministry of Defence to provide the UK’s Senior Military Leadership and VIP transportation capability, known as CSAT. ASG is responsible for the engineering of these aircraft. As such, this is a significant milestone as ASG looks to expand its portfolio of maintenance capabilities and provide full support to the CSAT project. 

With both ASG and Centreline in the Pula Aviation Services group, it allows for efficiency and synergy between the companies as they deliver key services across the aviation industry.

 Gary Philips, ASG’s Head of Technical Services, said:

I am delighted that we have now added the Falcon 900 to our UK CAA Part 145.  This is the culmination of a great deal of hard work by the team to set up the infrastructure at Northolt, including tooling, IT, spare parts, engineering support and, crucially, type certification of our engineers. Having a line/base station at Northolt will significantly improve our resilience and ability to maintain the very high serviceability of these aircraft.