Aircraft Management – Insurance and CAMO Services

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Maintaining an aircraft from a paperwork point of view these days is almost as frustrating and complicated as maintaining the aeroplane itself. With new regulations issued by the relevant authority, Airworthiness Directives, Service Bulletins and Modifications being released daily, it can be a huge task keeping up with the requirements applicable to your aircraft.

Our know-how

Here at ASG we are using a complete MRO software package solution that can hold, update and provide you with the information you need, as and when you need it. Whether it’s a Piper Cherokee or a Gulfstream G650 we can provide you with detailed maintenance statuses and forecasting reports, component reliablity reports and utilisation reports, so when your aircraft is next going into it’s maintenance inspection you and the maintenance base know exactly what is due and when.


How can you have the highest possible cover…at the lowest possible cost?
With a policy that is tailored and priced for you, but benefits from the buying power ASG can offer.

Comprehensive cover on hulls and liabilities
● Agreed value policies
● Free betterment up tp £75,000
● Free 24/7 emergency helpline

Email or Call +44 14 8173 9970 quoting “ASG Preferential Pilot Policy”



CAMO Services

ASG is approved as a Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation (CAMO). This qualifies us to manage the airworthiness compliance of your aircraft, in service or in storage, by issuing and extending airworthiness review certificates (ARC), carrying out independent airworthiness reviews and providing recommendations.

Detail maintenance reports
● Forward workload and cost planning
● Maintenance reminders
● Component reliability reports
● Minimise downtime
● Most cost effective maintenance solutions


Aircraft Closing

Choosing a delivery / closing location for an aircraft sale and purchase is often an important characteristic when structuring a transaction, especially an international one. Guernsey’s European geographical location is increasing in popularity as a delivery / closing location being situation outside of the European Union.

Being just off the Northwest coast of France means that none of the main business aviation centres of Europe are more than a couple of flight hours away. Furthermore, it is centrally located for the North American and Middle East / CIS / North African markets falling in the same time zone as the United Kingdom, meaning Guernsey is conveniently situated for banking and aircraft registry activities associated with the closing of an international transaction.

ASG is located at Guernsey International Airport (GCI) and is the only on Island provider with the in- house capabilities to deliver practical aspects linked to a sale closing. ASG’s in-house capabilities to support an aircraft closing include:

1. Full FBO service providing handling and parking.

2. Registration changes for most aircraft types:
a. Pre/post flight inspections
b. Borescope inspections
c. New registration markings and placards
d. Transponder re-strapping
e. ELT re-coding
f. Part.145 and A&P coverage
g. Aircraft and records preparation for DAR inspection.

3. DAR Coordination

4. Pre-purchase inspections

5. Airworthiness Reviews

6. Documentation processing in all of the main aircraft registry jurisdictions.

7. Represent Seller or Buyer on the ground with closing formalities

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