ASG was pleased to conduct a CAPS repack on a German registered Generation 1 Cirrus SR20 last week.

The repack on the G1 aircraft is significantly more involved than later generations which have an internal removable access panel.  The G1 repack requires cutting into and removing a section of the top of the fuselage to gain access.  The old parachute is removed through this section and the repacked parachute with associated rockets installed. The access hole is then re-capped, re-filled, carefully contoured to the rest of the fuselage and painted.  The procedure requires a particular skill set and specialist Cirrus training.  However, once completed, the aircraft fuselage looks as good as new with no sign of this invasive work having taken place.

CAPS repacks are required every 10 years and although ASG performed many on SR20 G1s up to approximately 7 years ago, recently the only repacks have been the less invasive on later Cirrus models.  As the SR20s reach 20 years, we have been approached by Cirrus owners from all over Europe for their second repack and are very pleased that the skills and experience of 7 years ago have not been lost.

Image of first 20-year CAPS re-pack on a German SR20 - FLY ASG.

ASG was particularly pleased to complete this repack against the background of COVID 19.  The owners had stayed on the island intending to enjoy a relaxed holiday whilst the work was done.  However, as COVID 19 restrictions were imposed, they were potentially stranded as Europe went into lockdown.  Fortunately, they were able to return to their family in Germany with only a slight delay. Adam Lunn, ASG’s Service Manager said “Full credit goes to the ASG engineers for carrying out this first G1 repack for several years to very a high standard at such a challenging time.  I was delighted that ASG was able to get the work completed as the COVID 19 struck and allow the owners to fly home safely.”

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