Maintenance & Engineering for Commander Models

Complete MRO solutions for general, business, and light aircraft.

ASG has always been very impressed with the Rockwell Commander range of single engine aircraft, and now are the main European Commander Aircraft maintenance center for the complete range. We maintain many Commanders, including over thirty 114s and we know the few vulnerable areas well and have gathered parts to keep the aircraft flying in the times of the factory closure.

In recent years, support for the Commander range has dwindled down – especially with a recent lack of sourcing OEM parts. At ASG we continue to accommodate Commander Aeroplanes, and still hold a decent sized inventory of parts to keep them in the air, plus upgrading some of the older standard aircraft instrument panels with more up-to-date avionic packages. We are also sourcing seemingly hard to find Commander parts, as soon as they become available.

We also work very closely with Jim and Martine Richards of Aerodyme Corporation and fully support his Super Commander 580 conversion.