Fly ASG members can experience affordable personal air travel for the Channel Islands, France and beyond. Fly ASG offers their services of non chartered aircraft rental to engage customers with a new streamlined approach to business and leisure travel.

Our small aircraft rental service is designed to make regional travel easier, faster, and overall more productive. Imagine flying yourself on a corporate flying trip, business travel, private leisure, special occasions, weddings, golfing and hunting trips, sporting events, overnight excursions or anything else you can think of!

Our aircraft can also be used for training so if you are working towards your PPL you can book regular slots with your flight instructor and before you know it, you will be soaring through the skies on your own.  Become a member and these benefits can be yours:  The joys of aircraft ownership without the maintenance and hangarage costs, fly anywhere on your own schedule and much much more!

We currently have one aircraft available for casual rental:

G-EHLX PA28-181

Rate is available on request (fuel billed separately)

Flying hours and Landing Fees will be invoiced monthly.

For more information or to become a member e-mail [email protected]

Members Booking Site:


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