Guernsey is served by three great airlines but it may be that commercial air transport is not working for you? Perhaps scheduled flights may not suit your purposes, your timing or your destination.

With over twenty years experience in organising charter aircraft for non-scheduled flights, the team at ASG provide advice and can source the right aircraft, staffed by the right crew to suit your individual needs.

We have flown machinery parts and engineers across Europe, emergency medical personnel across the Channel and organised shopping trips to Paris and Milan. We’ve taken groups to rock concerts in Paris and the UK, we’ve organised family visits to Jersey and we’ve taken a group to the London Boat Show. We’ve taken golfing groups to France, organised stag and hen weekends in the Balearics and taken men in grey suits to Switzerland.

Give us a call to discuss your travel requirements and we’ll get you there.

Call us on +44 14 8126 5750 or email