ASG has teamed up with Cavendish Aviation and Aerocoat International to provide its clients with an opportunity for enhancing aircraft ramp presence and paintwork protection, plus reductions in boundary layer drag, fuel burn and cleaning costs.

Aerocoat benefits:

  • Restores aircraft paintwork to the original factory look regardless of age
  • Retains a brand new and glass like finish to aircraft paintwork
  • Cost effective alternative to aircraft respray
  • UV resistant – Repairs UV damage on paintwork
  • Zero corrosion & hydrophobic
  • Reduction in boundary layer drag
  • Less fuel burn, typically 1.5% – 2% saving
  • Aircraft performance will return to the original factory spec
  • Reduction in cleaning time and costs
  • Does not affect aircraft weight and balance

If you would like an Aerocoat quote for your aircraft then please contact ASG’s customer service manager, Adam Lunn, via:

[email protected]

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